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  1. TEB FINTECH FUTURE FOUR Financial Technologies Cal (the “Competition”) is organized by Türk Ekonomi Bankası A.Ş. (TEB) resident at the address of TEB Kampus C ve D Blok Saray Mah. Sokullu Cad. No. 7A-7B Umraniye, İstanbul and having the MERSIS number of 0876004342000105.
  2. Entrepreneurs, having a product idea/project with regard to any of the fintech solutions set forth in the application form (Category), will be entitled to apply for the Competition.
  3. In order to be able to be entitled to take part in the competition, it is required to file application at the section TEB Fintech Future Four at the web address www.melekyatirimplatformu.com/tr/teb-fintech- future-four between the dates January 23 rd 2018 – December 31 th 2018.
  4. Real persons over the age of 18, may only take part in the relevant Competition. TEB employees and their relatives may not apply for the Competition; even if they applied and took part, their points and awards will be cancelled.
  5. The Competitors are required to fill in the compulsory sections in the application form in the TEB Fintech Future Four at the internet site www.melekyatirimplatformu.com/tr/teb- fintech-future- four to cause their works/projects in the relevant category to take part in the relevant Competition.
  6. The applications, not fulfilling the requirements of these Terms and Conditions and having failed to be submitted in compliance with the conditions set forth herein, will not be taken into consideration.
  7. The applications, duly and validly submitted, and detected to have fulfilled the relevant terms and conditions, will be assessed by the jury to be constituted by TEB by the date to be published on the page www.melekyatirimplatformu.com/tr/teb-fintech- future-four and the first three projects in each category will be selected from among the applications to meet the jury to be constituted by TEB executives. The first three works / projects selected from each category will submit their products to the final jury. Winners of each category, selected by the final jury, will be supported by incubation , to develop their works/projects and turn it into a product that is applicable/usable product in the field of banking.The Competitors, selected as the winners of each category, will develop more their works/projects with the support of TEB employees/specialists to turn their works/projects to products that are applicable/usable products in the field of banking until the date to be determined by TEB. Following completion of this period, the Competitors, selected as the winners of each category will present to the final jury their works/projects that they turn to products applicable/usable in the field of banking in either English or Turkish in the form to be specified by them within 10 minutes term (questions and answers will not be inclusive in this period). The works/projects, presented by the winners of each category will be evaluated; as a result of this evaluation, TEB will be able to transmit to the Competitor its request of buying any service or product, subject matter of any work or project.
  8. The Competitors, selected as the winners of each category, have no limitation in development of their works/ projects by means of a team to be established by them. In order that these Competitors develop their works/projects, TEB will provide space, equipment, hardware, consulting, other supports etc. The Competitor may use the physical or non-physical supports provided to him at his own discretion. In case of use of such support, the use will be for the purpose of use and will not cause any loss; otherwise, the Competitor will be responsible for indemnification of all the losses caused by him.
  9. The Competitor, being the winner of the category, hereby agrees and acknowledges that TEB has the first option to buy the project compared to the third parties. This right may unilaterally be used by TEB upon notice of TEB; if TEB intends to exercise its first option right, it may sign an agreement with the winner of the relevant category on this matter to buy the right of use of such product or service, subject matter of the relevant work/project. Following intention of TEB to exercise its right to buy, in case the parties disagree on the contractual matters during the negotiations with the Competitor, TEB may waive its aforesaid request. TEB will not assume any obligation to buy against the Competitors.
  10. The Competitor hereby agrees and acknowledges in advance that all the information and ideas given in the Application Form belongs to him and may be used by TEB.
  11. The Competitor hereby expressly agrees to disclose that all personal data he shared with TEB are obtained and shared in accordance with the law. The competitor also accepts and agrees to provide his teammates declared by him with the Information Notice about Processing of Personal Data presented to the competitor..
  12. The Competitor hereby agrees and acknowledges that the idea/project to be transmitted/developed by it within the scope of its application is an original work/project realized by him and he has not except from other real persons and legal entities. The Competitor hereby agrees and undertakes that in case he act in contradiction with this article, he shall exclusively become responsible for any and all claims/actions and objections raised and filed by the third parties and he shall immediately indemnify all the loss of TEB to be caused by the relevant claims/actions. Each competitor explicitly confirms that its work/project, subject matter of its application, is original and is ex officio created by him; and his work/project has not been sold to any third party before; and any third party has not violated any intellectual property right. Each Competitor hereby undertakes that the only opposite party shall be the Competitor itself in all these actions and claims to be raised by the third parties against TEB and/or its partners and solution partners and he shall indemnify all the losses of TEB and/or its partners and solution partners arisen out of the claims or the actions.
  13. The competitors may use the contents within the frame of open source licenses or the like as the parts of their works/projects. The risks on use of the open sources and compliance with open source licensing conditions are attributed to the competitors themselves. Each Competitor hereby agrees to solely become responsible for his own breaches.
  14. Each competitor hereby explicitly agrees and acknowledges that he gives his consent in advance video recording and/or sound recording, saving and processing during the competition; he allowed copy, production and distribution of these images or recordings in any known or unknown media, in any form and by any method; and he would not raise any claim against TEB for any right within the scope of the uses thereof.
  15. The Competitor shall not disclose to public, advertise its idea/project, subject matter of the Competition and shall not disclose to the third parties that he took part in that Competition before completion of the Competition.
  16. All the persons, having applied to the Competition, and accepted these Terms and Conditions, will be deemed to have accepted to comply with the same throughout the Competition; and in case of failure to comply with these conditions, TEB may decide for disqualification of the relevant Competitor. In such a case, TEB may claim against the Competitor for all the losses they had.
    1. Any and all intellectual property rights to the works/projects, subject matter of the application, is required to belong to the Competitor itself.
    2. The Competitor shall fully keep in confidentiality all the information obtained by him due to the Competition; and shall not disclose the same to the third parties.
    3. The Competitor shall not cause any tangible or intangible loss in TEB, systems, employees and other authorized persons and subsidiaries of TEB.
  17. The Competitor hereby agrees and undertakes that all the information of TEB, obtained by him due to this Competition, is Confidential Information; he shall not use, process and disclose to the third parties this Confidential Information without express written consent of TEB. In case of any contrary act to this Confidentiality Obligation, the Competitor may be disqualified from this Competition and shall become responsible ex officio and in person for all the breaches illegally made by him as per Article 17 of these Terms and Conditions
  18. TEB reserve their right to change in any way the terms and conditions of the Competition at their own discretion.
  19. These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the Turkish Laws .
  20. TEB reserves its right to make change in these Terms and Conditions and the dates relating to the Competition.


Veri sorumlusu sıfatıyla hareket eden Türk Ekonomi Bankası A. Ş. (“ Banka”) tarafından gerçekleştirilen TEB Fintech Future Four Finansal Teknolojiler Çağrısı sırasında işlenmekte olan kişisel verileriniz hakkında sizleri 6698 sayılı Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu (“Kanun”) m. 10 çerçevesinde aydınlatmak amacıyla işbu metin hazırlanmıştır.

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Banka tarafından kişisel verileriniz banka dışı kişilere yönelik etkinlik yönetimi, banka stratejilerinin oluşturulması veya destek hizmeti sağlayıcıları, iş ortakları veya tedarikçilerle kurulan ilişkilerin yönetimi gibi amaçlarla işlenmektedir.

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Kişisel verileriniz Banka tarafından sizlerin beyanları üzerine fiziki veya elektronik ortamda, Banka ile sizler arasında bulunan ilişkisi çerçevesinde toplanmaktadır. Kişisel verileriniz Bankanın bankacılık faaliyetlerinin sürdürülmesine yönelik çeşitli hukuki sebeplerle toplanmakta ve işlenmektedir.

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Yukarıda belirtilen veri işleme amaçları kapsamında kişisel verileriniz Bankanın yurtiçi ve yurtdışındaki doğrudan veya dolaylı iştirakleri ve ana ortaklarıyla, iş ortakları ve tedarikçileriyle; ayrıca kanunen yetkili kılınmış kamu tüzel kişilikleri, özel kişiler veya adli makamlarla paylaşılabilecektir. Söz konusu paylaşımlar çerçevesinde kişisel verileriniz yurtiçinde veya yurtdışında işlenebilecektir.

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  • Kişisel verileri işlenmişse buna ilişkin bilgi talep etme,
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  • Kişisel verilerin silinmesini veya yok edilmesini isteme,
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  • Kişisel verilerin kanuna aykırı olarak işlenmesi sebebiyle zarara uğraması hâlinde zararın giderilmesini talep etme.

Yukarıda sayılan haklarınızı kullanmak için başvurunuzu şubelerimize iletebilirsiniz ya da iadeli taahhütlü posta yoluyla banka genel müdürlüğümüze ulaştırabilirsiniz. Ayrıca güvenli elektronik imza kullanmak kaydıyla başvurularınızı kvkkbasvuru@teb.com.tr adresine de e-posta ile gönderebilirsiniz. Yapacağınız başvurulara mümkün olan en kısa sürede ve en geç 30 gün içerisinde cevap verilecektir.

Kişisel verilerinizin işlenmesi hakkında daha detaylı bilgiye www.teb.com.tr adresinde yer alan TEB Kişisel Verilerin İşlenmesi ve Korunması Politikasından ulaşabilirsiniz.