TEB Private Banking Advantages

TEB, the founder and the first of Private Banking in Turkey, as TEB Private, is opening a brand new page in Private Banking field in Turkey together with BNP Paribas Wealth Management. 

With its reliable and steady approach continued consistently since 1989, TEB Private Banking has, through its different products and service models, created longwinded relations based on mutual loyalty with its different customers since many years. 

With its collaboration ongoing with BNP Paribas and further strengthened with Fortis merger last year, TEB Private Banking is now laying before the Turkish Private Banking its “New Points of View For a Special Future”. 

This different Private Banking approach applied by BNP Paribas Wealth Management particularly in France, Italy and Belgium since long years has been re-interpreted by TEB Private Banking’s experience and specialization, and is now being offered as a new integrative and future-oriented approach in Private Banking for Turkey. 

The aim of this new approach is to offer to customers not only the products and services they need today, but also the products and services they and their family members may need in the future, together with consulting services pertaining thereto. Throughout these processes, we are using our “Know-Your-Customer” analysis in order to better know our customers and to measure their needs and expectations.

While regenerating the New Points of View For a Special Future individually for customers, we are also opening the doors to TEB Private customers for the Arts Consultancy offered by BNP Paribas Wealth Management to Private Banking customers all over the world, and for upper segment real estate consultancy valid in many cities of Europe, and for personalized consultancy in viniculture and agriculture fields in France. 

Through this new point of view, we are now taking a very important forward step in the field of investment strategies and product propositions handled carefully and diligently by TEB Private Banking since years. In the light of the global perspectives of TEB Private Banking Consulting Services and BNP Paribas Wealth Management, we are analyzing very valuable market data and comments coming from various different financial centers of the world, and sharing our analyses with TEB Private Banking customers.

We believe that this new approach wherein our experienced portfolio managers take the lead in all transactions for Private Banking customers, as a requirement of our single contact point principle, and plan the new points of view for the future together with customers, will open a new era in Private Banking field also in Turkey.