Who may become an angel investor?

Investors who finance by equity capital or give an intellectual support to entrepreneurs and candidate entrepreneurs who have developed a new idea, invention or technology, but do not have enough resources for commercialization purposes are called “Angel Investor”. 

Angel investors may invest in projects they believe in 3 different ways: 

  • They may initially become an investor by injecting capital to the company. 
  • They may lend money by purchasing bonds (bonds convertible into stocks). 
  • They may give intellectual support to development of project through their ideas and guidance. 

Who may become an angel investor?

  • Active entrepreneurs 
  • Holding owners or directors or executive committee members
  • Old retired entrepreneurs who have terminated their active business life
  • Wealthy retired professionals (Retired CEOs, etc.) 

For investors who are wealthy or have high income: 

  • Who have had a minimum annual income of TL 200,000 during the recent 2 years or 
  • Whose total assets exceed 1 million TL (i.e. total sum of movable and immovable assets) 

For experienced investors:

  • Who have worked as a fund manager in financial institutions or as head of finance in SMEs (small and medium-scale enterprises) for minimum 2 years, or 
  • Who have a minimum past experience of 5 years as a general manager in companies with a total annual turnover of 50 million TL or more.

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