Angel Investment Platform Regulation

Since some time, the Individual Participation Capital Regulation, known generally as the Angel Investment Regulation, was being awaited for. Said regulation is finally published in the Official Gazette on 15.02.2013 and become effective as of the same date. First draft of the Regulation prepared by the Treasury Undersecretariat has been shared with the public in July 2012, and comments have been collected from the relevant persons and entities. A review on the final text of the Regulation reveals that the comments and opinions have been seriously evaluated, and most of the criticisms have been taken into consideration, and incorporated in the Regulation. We may easily say that, in general, the Treasury Undersecretariat is open to sharing and to all kinds of criticisms, and is acting extremely in good faith. 

The term used as Angel Investor in the international literature has been incorporated in our Regulation as Individual Participation Investor (IPI). In our document which can be downloaded via the link at the left, we have tried to summarize IPI System and its terms and conditions under 16 questions. Our Regulation has been prepared by Mr. Gökhan Uğur BAĞCI, Lawyer. We hope it will be useful for all investors and all relevant industries, which contributes to increase of angel investors in our country. 

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