We at TEB believe:

We think that the vision of the future we dream of for our industry will be possible only through an innovation model in which banks and startups work together and startups demonstrate their creativity. That’s why today we’re saying to startups and would-be startups: If you join the TEB FinTech Future Four Programs, technologies that will shape the future of the world of the banking & financial services industry will be arriving very soon.

What isAngel Investment Platform?

It is a platform which aims to bring together the entrepreneurships with wealthy, innovative and visionary individuals wishing to make angel investments and open to assess different alternatives for investment purposes. Angel Investment Platform is established for the first time in Turkey.

We, as TEB Private, are putting our signature under products which may make a world of difference in Private Banking field. Under Angel Investment Platform, we are offering consultancy services in such fields as regulations, tax and law for Angel Investors.

TEB Private’s Angel Investment Platform is offering to its customers’ consideration many potential angel investments not only in Turkey but also abroad, and is creating a platform where its customers can meet and share their experiences with experienced angel investors.

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